Will Life be the Same After COVID-19?

Abduljabbar Ramadhan Ali
4 min readAug 18, 2020

The way corona virus have shaken the whole world and everything have changed. Everyone is asking whether life will be the same after COVID-19. Here is my view.

When this pandemic invaded into this world many people have died. It have instilled fear to many people. People are afraid of their loosing their lives. Some think that it will be the end of them living. This made people to become isolated and only involved themselves to matters that concerns them. The social life that people had it have been completely shuttered down. If you were an extrovert like me then you will have a lot of problems when it comes to your social life.

The life of interaction is now avoided as a way to keep people safe from corona virus. I think it is for the better of us, because if the government wouldn’t have enforced this laws more people would have been dead by now. The caution that the government has placed to the citizens it has been helpful to curb the spread. The life we have right now I think it is going to be there for a while.

If you ask me, I will tell you that things will never go be the same again as they used to be. Not with this deadly virus taking every part of the world every single day. As time goes by, folks will get used to be in quarantine. It will become as a normal condition to each and everyone of us. The new children that will be born will adapt to this measure. This will go on and forth because the virus won’t be eliminated that easily.

Life will never be the same after COVID-19. I took my time and walked through the streets. I can say everyone is cautious. Everyone has a mask on. Not only the adults but also the children. At first this was kinda hard for people to implement, but right now I can see it is a normal thing to everyone. People have now come up with new fashion and styles for the masks. They made this because they want people to know that these masks will be apart of our outfits. Making the masks fashionable makes people never to get tired of putting on them as on the other hand it makes them look dashing.

What of the worshipping places, the mosques and churches? Will things be the same. Previously, before this pandemic of corona virus mosques and churches were filled with people. Sundays, for Christians the churches were full. You could see people hugging and greeting each other by hands. People were so close. In Fridays, for Muslims it is the celebration day for them. We say Friday is an eid. People gather in mosque to listen to holy words from educated scholars. Mosques usually get so full to the brim. In a way that if you want to pass through people you wouldn’t get any chance to do so. Do you think this will be the same after COVID-19?

I have never been in club before. Don’t be surprised. Everyone has their own way of choosing the life they want to live. I wonder what is going to happen to those people who can’t live without partying. I know it have been hell for those who are used to clubbing. I think people will have to party and do clubbing in their own houses. They will have to observe social distance. So these clubs will no longer work as they used to work. Things will never be the same even after COVID-19. Social distance will be a normal thing for people to observe.

I guess there will be no group discussions in schools. This will be away to make students safe. Everyone will have to make his or her own effort in order to achieve the grades he or she desires. The fortunate ones will be able to hold their discussions online, what about the less fortunate? The classes will hold half the number of students they used to accommodate. The number of teachers will have to increase then. Things will be so different. I’m asking myself if this is what we call the end of the world.

I want to summarise and give you my view about what is happening right now. Every aspect of life will change after this pandemic of corona virus. Life will never be the same as it used to be. We have to get used to the current situation and adapt to it.

We have to react positively to the changes that this COVID-19 will bring forth. It depends with our attitude on how this disaster will drive us. You have to know that everything that has a beginning has its own end.

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