Where Happiness Stems From

Abduljabbar Ramadhan Ali
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Everyone has their own way of defining what happiness is. Everyone has their own way to achieve their happiness. If you try to research you will find that everyone has their own unique way to attain the state of happiness they are seeking. With all these ways people shouldunderstand that Happiness has an origin where it stems from.

People will do everything they can to obtain wealth, power or honor. They all think that by achieving this they will attain the state of happiness. They can achieve all that, then what next? Will their souls be satisfied with the same state they managed to reach? The answer is no, they will still aim for something else. This is a human’s nature. Once you find a simple car (probox) that you have been praying to have, after some months with your probox you will think of having Noah.

One will do everything possible to attain wealth either in a legal way or illegal. All this things people are doing is due to lack contentment. In which without contentment one’s soul will never achieve happiness.

Happiness in life is not determined by wealth, fame, health or power. Happiness stems from within. If you can’t find happiness within yourself then be sure you will never get it anywhere.When you want to find happiness within yourself then the first thing you have to do is to instill the attitude of contentment in your heart.

Contentment will make you not to worry of the materials around you. You will have the ability to live a comfortable and restful life. People or are not contented are always restless. This may be because they don’t know what they need in their lives or they don’t know what has the ability to satisfy their inclinations. Restlessness deprives peace and brings fatigue in one’s life. This in turn leads to lack of happy state of mind, frustrations, pain and cravings one fails to understand its cure.

A soul will never be satisfied of wealth. One might be given a mountain of gold, and he will be still be in need of another one. We are already experiencing this from the rich people around us. They are already having billions of money in their accounts and still they go on stealing from the people who few amount of money in their accounts. Another good example is from the politicians.

They already have a leadership at the same time earning from the same position. They are not satisfied with that either. They go stealing billions of money that was supposed to cater for the needs of the citizens. The citizens who are struggling to pay taxes. Try to think of this situation and ask yourself if a soul can be satisfied with wealth.

Here now, that is where the point comes out vividly. You will never find happiness from the things you are seeking if they are based on the outside world. I earlier said that happiness stems from within. So when you go around looking for wealth and think that you will find your happiness then you will be doomed.

If the principles of contentment are not within us no material success, no pleasures or possessions can make us happy. This is because contentment is the first stem of happiness. With contentment arise all the sectors of happiness.

Another thing that that happiness stems from is doing a work that you are passionate about. The work that everyone does in his life helps to determine how happier he/she will be in his or her life. Our lives are surrounded and involved with the work we do in our daily lives. We all have to work to pay our bills. About 75% 0f our lives is occupied by the work we do for a living.

If this work occupies the largest percentage of the part of our lives, then it has the capability to determine our happiness state. The work we have to do is also in connection with our passion. When you have passion for something, doing it won’t be a problem to you. Instead it will be the stem of your happiness. We love to do things we are all passionate about. Teachers find their happiness from the work of teaching they do. Engineers find their happiness from the work of repairing machines they do, the cooks find their happiness in cooking and the writers find their happiness in writing.

We can see that work also plays a big part of determining the happiness state in our lives. If one loves the work he does, he is actually going to have the best time of his life. He is going to find the happiness he/she is looking for. This is very important if one really cares of the life he is going to live in.

You should not choose your career based on the amount of salary you will receive. Choose a career that you feel you will be comfortable working in. Choose a career that suits your personality. This career is actually going to consider the kind of work you are going to do. I will quote few wise words from the philosophers and you will get to understand how they consider work as the second thing that your happiness can stem from.

“ The grand essentials to happiness in life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for” — -Joseph Addison

From the above phrase of Joseph Addison we find that something that we do has a great impact of the stem of our happiness. If you do something that you love, it will eventually bring joy in your life. The same thing will bring love into your life. Lastly, it will be something that you will always hope for to bring forth goodies and favors in your life.

“The mintage of wisdom is to know that rest is rust, and that real life is in love, laughter and work”

This is another quote from Elbert Hubbard. From the same quote we can learn that also from the work we do we can find our state of happiness.

Happiness also stems from the things we do not for us but for others. When you do something in order to make someone else happy or to change someone’s life, here we are cultivating our happiness. You will feel good when you see someone’s life has improved because of you. You will feel very comfortable when you are trying to make someone’s life better.

Mostly this goes to the religious aspects. Muslims give out alms. Christians also give out alms and I think all the other religions encourage the attribute of kindness and generosity. This aspect will result to selflessness of a soul. When one is selfless he or she will never find it hard to help someone else to enlighten his or her life. This brings happiness to the doer.

“As long as you make other people happy you will also be happier, happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on other without getting few drops on yourself”

Focusing on the happiness of other people can be an amazing thing. This is because you won’t have to worry of your own state. When you focus too much on your own desires you will be bored to death and find that your life is stagnant. This will deprive you happiness. Especially when most of the things in your life aren’t working the way you expected. You fail to find the reason of living. You will prefer death than your own life. The happiness to you will be impossible to be attained.

Happiness stem from having a positive thoughts. The happiest people are those who are optimistic. They look life on the sunny side. They always think of the positive things in their lives. They always believe they will emerge the winners. No matter how hard the situation is they will always give you a positive feedback.

Such kind of people, are fond of happiness. When you think of interesting things in your life you bring about intrinsic motivation. Once you are motivated internally happiness is always your companion. Once you are able to find happiness your life goes smoothly without any stress.

You can do this. You only have to give yourself a humble time. You have to think of all the things you need in your life. Try to think that whatever you want it will be on your door step next day. Embrace all beautiful thoughts and all perfect things that have been happening to you. Cover your life with beautiful memories.Try to avoid negative thought at all cost. By doing this you will be creating your own heaven in your mind. One will never find you with a frown face. This is another way to create your own heaven in earth.

When you think of the positive things happening in your life. It opens the door of happiness and makes you stronger. The happiest people think of interesting things that brings joys to their heart.

Happiness can also stem from focusing on your present issues. This is by living your present life. Forget all about what the future might bring to you and focus on the beautiful things that are before you.The future is never in our hands. We have no control of it. So enjoy your present life to the fullest. This brings happiness to one’s soul.

“If we are ever to enjoy life now is the time not tomorrow, nor next year, nor in some future life after we have died. The best preparation for a better life next year is a full complete harmonious, joyous life this year. Our beliefs in a rich future life are of little importance unless we coin them into a rich present life. Today should always be our most wonderful day” — -ThomasDreier

Thomas Dreier is trying to say that if we want to enjoy life and find the joy of our hearts is to celebrate the time we have right now. Let a battle of tomorrow be of tomorrow. Worrying of future will be of a little help to you in the current life.

“One important source of unhappiness is the habit of putting off living to some fictional future date. Men and women are constantly making themselves unhappy because in deferring their lives to the future they lose sight of the present and its golden opportunities for rich living”

This phrase of W Beran Wolfe really identify how people lose the golden opportunities that are before them just because of the plans of the future in which they have no power of. I never knew this. I used to worry so much of the future. I used to think so much of “what if”

I never knew that it did deprive me the golden opportunities that were before me. Now I really do understand how I should handle my present. You should also make sure your tomorrow does not deprive you your today’s happiness. You have been blessed with today’s bounties don’t waste them.

I will conclude with another pharse from Dale Carregier that says,

“One of the most tragic things I knew about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some of some magical rose garden over the horizon, instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today”

Happiness can found by a lot of things. We all have different ways on which our happiness stems from. The ways I have mentioned above are not all the sources where happiness stems from. All in all, we can never be happy if we fail to understand what we need in life. We can never be happy without being contented with what we currently have. We can never be happy without appreciating our weakness and admitting our life failures that resulted to deep pain in our lives. The key of eternal happiness in one’s life is on contentment.

“Let not your mind run on what you lack as much as on what you havealready of the thing you have select the best; and then reflecthow eagerly they would have been sought if you did not have them”

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