Starting a Long Distance Relationship (Tips)

Abduljabbar Ramadhan Ali
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Do you want to start a long-distance relationship? I’ll help you to know everything you need to start it. Stick with me throughout this article.

A long-distance relationship may not be your choice. If you have fallen in love with someone who is far away from you, you will have no alternative but to start it. Love is so powerful to an extent it can make someone do things that he or she not willing to do.

What is a long-distance relationship?

A long-distance relationship is a romantic bond between two people who are far away from each other. Despite them being far from one another they still want to keep their relationship going on. Since they are far from one another the only thing they can do in that long-distance relationship is to stay connected via the internet. Send gifts to each other and keeping locked the connection as possible as they can.

The things to consider before starting a long-distance relationship.

As we all know long distance requires so much compared to a close relationship. The commitment in a long-distance relationship is way much greater than for a close relationship. One can easily lose the grip of this kind of a relationship.

That is why it’s very important to consider every detail of it before starting it. You have to ensure that everything is in place before giving a shot to this long-distance relationship. So, what are the things are you going to consider before you start a long-distance relationship?

Here are the things to consider before starting a long-distance relationship;

This should be the first question to ask yourself before giving it a shot. As I told you earlier a long-distance relationship needs much commitment. This is because maintaining a long distance is quite an issue. Most of the long-distance relationships end up broken in an average time of 2 to 3 years if not a single effort is put into them.

You should understand that not only commitment is required but sacrifice too. You will have to sacrifice your time for him or her. You will have to plan time for her or him and communicate to her though you might be having important issues to handle. Communication is the key to a long-distance relationship after trust.

Check your daily schedule if you will be having enough time to share with him or her when she will be away from you. Can you manage it? If you will have time for him or her then give it a shot. You have to make sure that that is consistent. Early in the morning, you will have to text her/him so that you get to know how she or he is doing. At the lunch hours, you also have to communicate to know her progress and lastly, in the evening you have to be there for her or him.

You will have to sweet talk her until she or he falls asleep. If you won’t be doing this, who do you think will do this?

These are just a few of the things you will have to ask yourself if you will be willing to put your effort into a long-distance relationship. If you find out that your schedule is tight and you won’t be having enough time for all that there is no harm in that.

You can always talk to him or her and hear what she or he will have to say about that. You can agree that you will be in touch during the weekends if both of your schedules are kinda tight. All this is to ensure that you understand each other before making a move on starting a long-distance relationship.

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. When it comes to a long-distance relationship is the most vital part that can keep the relationship on its toes. For you to start a long-distance relationship you have to ask check your own personalities and verify if they will let you stick in a long-distance relationship.

The good thing is that we know ourselves better than anyone else does. Deep down in your heart, you know whether you can handle a long-distance relationship or not. So, before moving on to your partner who you are about to start your long-distance relationship with start questioning yourself first.

Can you hold all your sexual tensions just for him or her until you see him or her again? Can you bear the cold nights alone in the bedsheet for 6 to 8 months? Do you trust your instincts about making it in this long-distance relationship?

All these questions will help you to get a better gauge of yourself before starting a long-distance relationship.

After you have fully evaluated yourself, it’s time to look at the person you are about to tie this bond with. Does he or she look like she or he is into a long-distance relationship? From what I know before making a move on starting a long-distance relationship you must have known that person for a while.

If your heart tells you that you can’t trust him or her then there is no need to risk that. You have to make sure that the person you are about to enter with in this journey of a long-distance relationship is completely honest and faithful. Love hurts so gravely. You don’t want to spend almost a year refraining yourself from all sexual pleasures you have before you for someone who cares not about that.

Do all you can to find out if he or she is worth the type of person to start a long-distance relationship with. If you trust him or her with all your heart then there is nothing hindering you from giving a shot in this long-distance relationship.

This is something else you will have to ask yourself. Let us be honest with each other. We are no angels. This means we have flaws that we cannot control. Everything has a limit; you also have a limit in which you can persevere. Yeah! I’m talking about enduring periods of loneliness as you see your friends holding hands and kissing with their lovers as you watch.

You have to know the exact time that he or she will be far away from you before starting this long-distance relationship. if it’s two years, ask yourself if you can manage to be away from him or her for that period of time. You have to be honest with yourself.

This determines how your long-distance relationship will be managed. If your instincts tell you that you can’t hold on for that long then there is no need to start that long-distance relationship. You will be lying to yourself if you tell me that you can change your instincts.

No matter how much you may force yourself keep the pledges you made in the relationship you will find yourself slipping gradual away from them.

If it’s a period of time that you feel you can hold on, then I advise you to start that long-distance relationship. It might change from a long-distance relationship to marriage in the coming months or years.

These are the factors that you have to consider before starting a long-distance relationship. They will guide you and give you a clear view of whether to start that long-distance relationship or not. If you don’t trust your decisions make a point of talking to someone you trust who can give you a clear way for that.

Does long-distance relationship still work?

Yes! Long-distance relationships still work. It will only work if you know what you want from that relationship. Many people are still into long-distance relationships and they find it pretty amazing.

I have several friends who told me that they are in long-distance relationships. From what I have observed from them is that a long-distance relationship still works. They are so faithful though their partners are far away from them. Some of these friends I’m talking about, we study in the same college.

I went further and asked them how they found long-distance relationships to be. I was surprised by the answer they gave me. You have to know that most of these friends I’m talking about are female.

One of my friends told me that she preferred a long-distance relationship because she wants to miss her boyfriend. She added that the more she stayed far from him the more the love, affection and feelings grew for him.

“I found it so cool. Actually I don’t feel anything wrong about that. When I came into this college I thought our relationship will grow weaker with time but I was wrong. Something else is that, boyfriends sometimes can be stubborn. There might be a time you are off the moods but he may keep on pushing you to the edge. Since you love him you won’t say no. You will do all you can to please him though you may not be feeling anything at that moment. So, you see how beneficial it’s to be far from my boyfriend.”

This is a reply I got from a friend when I asked her about the issue of being in a long-distance relationship.

In my opinion, a long-distance relationship still works. Don’t be afraid to start it if you have someone you don’t want to lose.

How do you know if someone is serious about a long-distance relationship?

This is the other part that can be tricky. This is the only part that determines whether someone is ready to start a long-distance relationship. I’ll share with you a few tips on this question so that you can be able to start your long-distance relationship.

You will know if someone is ready to start a long-distance relationship by the following factors;

It’s obvious that before you start a long-distance relationship with someone you will talk with him or her about it. The response that he or she is going to give you will give you a clear impression of what he or she feels about starting it.

If he or she will not be ready to start that relationship with you she or he will tell you. In some cases, people usually lose their loved ones when it comes to this issue. We have partners who won’t understand this. They won’t be willing to let you walk away from them. Let us say if you want to go to study abroad and you discuss with your partner about this issue then he or she completely say no to it. What will you do in such a situation?

What choice will you have? You will end up breaking up with him or her because we all know your future is far important than the simple relationships you come across in your life as you grow. You will find someone better in the future when your life is in a good shape.

Your mind knows clearly everything about your partner. If you have been dating him or her for the past view months you have a clear picture of whether he or she is ready to start a long-distance relationship with you.

If you have been having incidents of infidelity in your relationship a couple times then I can’t advise you to start a long-distance relationship with him or her. If he or she had the ability to cheat while you were close to him or her. What will prevent him not to cheat on you when you will be far from him or her?

Anyway, if it only happened once and it was a long time ago and you see that he or she is changed then that is a good sign that he or she can be serious about starting a long-distance relationship. I guess everyone knows him or her lover well.

You can also know that someone is serious about starting a long-distance relationship by observing how she or he treats you. If someone is always there for you whenever you need him or her that is a good sign that he or she can be serious about a long-distance relationship.

A person who is has no time for yet you are close to each other I don’t think he or she will be ready to start a long-distance relationship. We all those kind of partners you have to remind them of their responsibilities in their relationship. Let us say you are far away from him or her who will remind him or her of the responsibilities she or he has for you?

You will know exactly the kind of relationship you are in when you observe your partner. Serious people in relationships are known and it’s very easy to compare them with jokers.

A person who you have been dating for years and he or she told you a couple of times about the plans he or she has for you, you will vividly know that he or she into you for real. The challenges that you came through when you were altogether without him or her giving up on you will reveal to you that that partner is more than ready for a long-distance relationship.

A person who puts an engagement ring on your finger is more than serious for a long-distance relationship. If your partner did that for you then you have to put all your doubts and questions about him or her away. Kick the long-distance relationship, build each other and come back together to be cuffed for life-by a marriage.

All this shows that this person is willing to go the extra miles for you, there is nothing wrong to start it with him or her.

How to maintain a new long-distance relationship.

If you have successfully managed to start it, this is the next thing you should probably know. Like any relationship, it needs to be maintained. If you fail to do so you might lose it. I’ll briefly share with you ways on how you can manage your new long-distance relationship.

Without trust, every relationship is doomed to fail. If you have managed to start your long-distance relationship you always keep the trust you have for your partner 100%. You are far from him or her and you can’t see who she or he spends time with. You can’t see who is seducing her. It’s the trust only that will keep your relationship alive.

You have to have a positive view of your partner. If you lose a grip of that you will find yourself going against what you made with your lover. You don’t have to be suspicious whenever she or he fails to answer your calls or texts. about her or him will completely rip away from your faith you have for him or her.

You have to understand that if your faith in your partner is taken away from you that relationship will be difficult to handle. If it goes that way for a while you will definitely break up over petty issues.

This is the only thing that will guarantee your new long-distance relationship is working. Communication keeps a relationship alive and increases the bond between couples. The moment when communication between you and your partner seizes so will the relationship.

If you won’t be communicating with her or him the bond will start to decrease. We all know when the bond starts to decline so will the feelings. If his or her feelings for you decline it will be very easy to lose him or her to someone else. Do you think you are the only cute girl or boy who she or he sees? There so many people out there.

People who are willing to give her or him company every time she will ever need it. She/he refrains herself or himself from these people just for you yet you have no time to communicate to him or her. What do you think will happen?

So, I think you now clearly see how important communication for any new long-distance relationship is.

This is another way you can maintain your new long-distance relationship. You don’t have to send her expensive gifts. The little you have wrapped it in a parcel and send it to him or her. This is a romantic gesture. The small and simple gifts you may send for her or him will remind him or her of the relationship. This will prevent him or her to deviate from the right path of your relationship thus maintaining your relationship.

A good and simple gift I’ll advise you to send for her is a bracelet. Whenever she/he has it in his or her arm sees it she/he will never forget about you. It’s like he or she will be walking with you by his or her side. What a romantic thing!

These are just a few tips on how to maintain your new long-distance relationship. For more tips and pieces of advice on how to maintain a long-distance relationship click the following link.

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From the few tips I have shared with you on starting a long-distance relationship, I’m hopeful that you will benefit so much from this article. You have anything to share or a question you want to ask about a long-distance relationship? Leave your comment below I’ll reply as soon as possible.

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