How to Seduce Her (Ways to convince her fall in love with you).

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Alright, I guess this is the first stage of making a relationship work out with her. You have met someone completely strange or someone you knew and you have been away from her for a longer period of time. I will show ways in which you can seduce or woo a girl until she falls right into your trap. It is not a hard thing to entice a girl. I will tell you how you can do that in this post.

Lets say it is your first time seeing her. The way she was smiling, walking, talking, how she looks, how she makes a joke let me just conclude by saying every aspect of her is so perfect. This is the first time that you will realize that you are in love. When you are in love with a girl every character of her will be intensified to you. I remember how it felt when I met someone and I was completely lost in the world of romance.

I was so much excited though I never even had seen that girl before. I just found myself smiling to her and she smiled back. That was the first thing that gave me courage to lure her. Every man has his own desires of how his love life should look like. Some men prefer to have kind of ladies with big minds (critical thinkers), responsible ones, honest, faithful, cool, a woman of her own style (unique) and beautiful.

There are so many factors that you as a man you can look in a girl that can drive you to seduce her. Truth to be told we have men who prefer to have girls with big booty…

Who doesn’t want that? Haha! Booty plays a big part to in a girl’s attraction…

Anyway for you to seduce her you must have seen something in that girl that you haven’t seen in any chick before. There are girls who are special in their own ways and you can never distinguish them with just any girl in your streets.

Everyone wants such kind of a girl. So, use what made you attracted to her and bring it forth to her. Use that to your advantage. If you are really in love with her and it is your first time seeing her in which in many cases it happen. Love at first sight isn’t in the movies only. In real life situations it can also happen.

You have to admit that you are in love with her and be courageous enough to say hi to her. No one will refuse to reply a greeting from someone unless she had a bad day throughout. Let me tell you dude first vibe really matters when you want to lure her. Play smart to get her; you have to know that not all girls will be easy to talk to at first.

We have some girls with their own rules and principles. Some said to themselves that they will never talk to a stranger or accept a drink for him. So, when you make your first move and the girl doesn’t respond to you, don’t force it bro…

The place you saw her just mark it. Keep it in the back of your mind. Next time find your own time and make the same usual spot your way, if it’s only close to where you stay. Say hi frequently whenever you see her. You have to be reasonable though. Don’t overdo it. Sometimes you can pretend you haven’t even seen her and pass her away. If she is used to you saying hi to her she will eventually want to find out why you passed her way so silently.

In such a case you have gain an advantage to entice her with her own curiosity. That is the way it works if only the girl is so principled when it comes to talking to strangers. The part of you using the same route each and every time and saying hi to her will make you seem less strange to her.

Let me say if she is a kind of a girl who is social. This will be so easy for you to get to her. It will be stress-free to entice her because she doesn’t care about who to talk to. She only follows her interests. The ball is on you now. The way you will play it, it will determine whether you will get the girl or not. I want to let you know that it is always the first vibe that can make a girl love you or hate you.

You have to present yourself before her in way that you know she will get more curious to know you. Hey dude, don’t just bump on her on the first day telling how you feel about her. She might think you are crazy, very few understand that. The first thing to do when you are close enough to her is to identify her mood.

Mood observation is so important before talking to anyone. You never know if her day had been worse and yet you go to her straight forward telling her how much you love her. You may end up with a cup full of water or soda on your face…

In front of people that will be so embarrassing. Don’t wish for such a thing to happen to you. You may end up losing interest in luring any girl in your life. Did you know that this is one of the reasons some guys choose to express their feelings to their fellow men because they are more understanding than girls. Some people give up completely in seducing chicks because of this kind of experience.

If you want to seduce her make sure she is in the right mood. If you are smart enough you can use her mood to your advantage. You just have to understand her.

When you are trying to make a conversation and she is kicking you out, try a bit smoothly but if she continues to do the same then let her be. Ladies want men who understand and a man who can cognize her in any situation she may be in, and that starts immediately when you are seducing her.

In my case I prefer you to get to know her first. Identify what she likes and what she hates. The things that she hates try to reason with her to why she hates such things. In this way you will be making the conversation longer and that will be to your advantage. The more you talk to her the more she will get used to you, and when she gets used to you then it will be so much easier for her to open up.

Once she has the potential of opening up her emotions and expresses them to you by words that will be the first step of her getting into your heart-box.

Listen to her when she talks don’t interrupt her. You know your attention is to make her trust you so that she can be convinced that you are the right person to involve in her life. Before a girl admits to be your bae she would have already identified if you are worthy to her.

On the things she loves; do you love them too? You have to know that most people who have common hobbies and interest are more likely to get along than those with different hobbies and interest. It will be so difficult if she has completely different interest from yours. As for me, it will be so hard to date a chick that is into drugs because I don’t do them.

On the other case, you may find the girl you want to seduce has different interest to yours, the good news is that when you make her fall in love with you she can change her interest for you. The more time you will be spending together the more you will be changing her.

Get to know her deeply, in such a way is you can be able to lure her. It is very easy to seduce a girl you understand so much than a girl you know nothing about.

When you are in the process of getting to know her don’t be a lunatic, don’t mess up in the first time because girls always use the first meeting to observe you. The way you seek to know her the same when she is finding out to know more about you.

It’s very important to make sure that you are on your best look when approaching her. Show her that she is about to start a life with a responsible boy. Don’t be shaggy if you want to entice her. I would advise you even if you don’t have a perfume go and borrow one that day. Ladies love sweet fragrance. Remember you will be close to her while talking to her. Don’t choke her with your sweat! Caution! Don’t overdo it though; try to be yourself just as you have always been but shine a little bit for that occasion.

Now, that you have known her hobbies and interest try and go deep and ask her about her personal life. If she doesn’t feel comfortable with those questions don’t keep on asking them because you don’t want to destroy everything that you have established. Convincing a girl to be your boo is easy but you have to know how to deal with every response you get from her.

If she will be able to open up to you about her personal life then that means she is in the right path to you. Ask her questions that will aid you to build up a conversation and also give you an idea of how her life is. Some girls are single while others are hooked up already. When she tells you that she is in a relationship don’t just give up on her so soon.

Stick around and get to be a close person to her, you never know if the guy she has currently is taking her seriously or taking her for granted. We have guys out there who have beautiful girlfriends yet they aren’t serious about their relationship with them. If she will be able to open up to you about how her relationship status is, you can use that knowledge to trap her on your side.

When she tells you that she is single, don’t get too excited and start to spit every word of your dry spell. You will be surprised by how she will turn you down and leave you heart broken. Be gentle, get to know her friends and family, take her to dinner, take her to some picnics, spend time with her watching movies and listening to her favorite music.. .

Ladies need attention. Once you can give them that then it will be so easy for you convince her to take you in her life. Have time, be around with her, crack jokes and laugh together, help her in any way that you can, give her a cool nick name, play games with her. After a while you wouldn’t even have to say the word “I LOVE YOU” to her for her to realize that you are in for her.

If she loves nasty things, dirty things get her into to them, spoil her in a positive way make her enjoy every second you are around her I’m 100% sure she will be yours. This may take time to happen though.

Point to note, you may try so much to convince a girl to be in your life due to the fact that you are into her so much. You also have to remember that she has her own opinion and decisions. She has the right to say yes or no. It’s up to you accept any answer will be given to you by her. Not all people who seduce girls end up having them. The ways I have outlined to you here are just only but few ones. There are so many ways to kill a rat. If you get rejected don’t get furious and end up your life. In this world there are so many beautiful girls. No matter how unique she was to you, you will be hurt, but after a while you will be able to cope with it and move on with your life.

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