How to Save Relationships from Breaking up (5 ways of saving relationships)

Break ups are common due to the fact that people have no idea on how they can save their relationships. In this article I’ll share with you ways which you can use to prevent your relationship from failing.

If you go through my previous articles you will find I have written signs of relationship failure. Anyway if it’s your first time visiting my blog don’t worry about that. I’ll provide for you the links of my previous articles at the bottom of this article.

The main aim for me writing for you the signs of relationship failure was for you to be able to identify what makes your relationships start to be weak. As the fault in the relationship increases so will be the breaking point of it coming closer. So, when you have the capability to identify the weaknesses in the relationship you will be able to move forward and make a step of saving it.

Relationships might take so many years to be created, but they can only be broken in matters of seconds. The same thing happens with trust. Besides, we all want the best from the relationships we took our time creating. That is why we have to find better ways of saving them. To most of us, relationships mean a lot.

Let me share with you why sometimes is important to prevent our relationships from falling apart. It’s very hard to find back the connection you heard with your partner once the relationship is completely broken. Yeah! When you are in love with someone there is a great chemistry that is usually going on. This chemistry starts immediately when these two people set eyes on each other. As long as they are together the connection between them continues to grow.

The time it may take for this bonding to be whole might be so immeasurable. Not only the time that I’m talking about but also the sacrifice people make for this bond to be complete might be so huge. So, from this short part of the paragraph I guess you have known why it’s important to save our current relationships than building new ones. We often understand better our old partners since we have spent so much time with them. It’s very easy to know what they want from simple actions that they might do. Saving the relationship is the first and best choice you should think of.

In another case, finding another person with the same vibe and attitude as your partner had it will be so difficulty. Some people are irreplaceable. We can find people similar to them, but they will never be like them. It’s very crucial we try all the best we can to save our relationships. I’m saying this because I know the emptiness that is created when you break up with a person you valued most in your life.

It might take a long time for the hole that was created in your heart to be filled. To avoid all these issues let me share with you ways on how you can save your relationship from breaking. I hope these ways I’ll share with you will contribute greatly at strengthening your relationship.

1. Learn to apologize.

Learn to say sorry whenever you do something wrong. Apologizing shouldn’t be an issue to you. In most cases, we are usually the cause of the failures of our own relationship. When you keep your pride ahead of you just know nothing good will come from it. Pride comes before a fall-I guess I’m right. Issues will always be there in a relationship. People will always mess up.

It doesn’t mean that when people mess in relationships the first action is to break up. Whether you are woman or a man save your relationship from breaking with an apology. I can say, even if you are not the one on the wrong side, just humble yourself down and apologize. Say you are sorry and that everything bad that happened wasn’t your fault.

In this way you will be able to escape from of the argument that are usually brought up by the petty issues in a relationship. Apologizing won’t make you look weak or stupid in front of him or her. It doesn’t cost a dollar to say you are sorry. I will always place myself in the shoes or a wrongdoer whenever something wrong happens in my relationship.

Doing this will make the real doer of the negative act feel sorry and guilty and make everything right. In such a way you will be saving your relationship from breaking.

2. Don’t be Egocentric Person.

Who is an egocentric person?

An egocentric person is someone who is self-centered-a person who cares less of others and only looks forward to fulfill his or her needs.

Have you ever come across such kind of a person? I have come across such kind of people. What I can tell you from what I learned from them is that being an egocentric is nothing but a first part of relationship failure.

A person of this kind will never be able to save his or her relationship from failing. We all know the reasons. If you are so self-centered you will never care about how your partner feels. Your aim will be to get what you want and satisfy your desires. This character is easily noticeable in a person. When your partner finds out this I don’t think this relationship will last for the next ten seconds.

If you have this kind of character you better start to eliminate it in order to save your relationship. It doesn’t look so good on anyone. Being such a person will place you together with the manipulative people. Be open minded and concerned person. You have to know that everyone deserves love, care and trust. Share what you feel with your partner. Avoid looking on only meeting your ends.

How does it feel to make yourself happier while your partner suffers? If you really want to save your relationship from breaking learn to be concerned and generous being. Relationship can’t work unless both people contribute something to it. One part only can’t meet the end needs of the relationship.

3. Avoid bringing up past issues.

If you really want to save your relationship avoid bringing past problems or mistakes that your partner did. This usually annoys so much. We are human beings-we are to error. We will always make mistakes. We have flaws that are deep within us. Some of the weaknesses we have within us are so iniquitous to share with anyone. What I’m trying to bring forth here is that no matter how pious we may think of ourselves we will always have issues.

I have seen people cheat in relationships, sit down and solve their issue. At the end their relationship would go back at the gage where it was or even higher. Love and care in it increases so much. It will reach at a point where everyone will forget if ever one of them cheated. In this case, I’m talking of the happy moments that are filled with rainbow colors.

Everything here seems so perfect. The problem will come in when these couples break into fight with each other. I agree that in relationship it won’t be always about joy; as people say that there will be no rainbow without drizzles.

When people fight in a relationship; everyone is angry and none of the word that come from his/her mouth is filtered. The issue of reviving the past mistakes will come in. This will do nothing better than igniting the fight and quarrel that is already on going. This will divide the couples more apart from one another. This won’t be able to save the relationship but destroying it.

If you want to prevent your relationship from breaking up-let the past mistakes remain in the past. Never bring them to live. Doing this will only be revitalizing the old scars. Once this has happened there is no point of going back.

4. Check on your communication.

Communication is so important when it comes to any kind of relationship. It brings the connection between the couples and enhances understanding. It’s also one of the things that make a relationship pillars to stand straight and strong. Whether you agree or disagree with me communication is a vital part in a relationship, when this part collapses so will be the relationship.

The way you talk with your partner can determine how far your relationship will move. This is because it’s from the conversation that you make with him or her that can either weaken your bond or strengthen it. Once communication flops or fails to get its correct path between the two of you that is the moment that everything will turn upside down.

How can communication flop between lovers? There are several factors that can make it collapse. The first thing that can make communication flop is distance. When couples are so far from one another the communication rate will never be the same as when these two partners were close. Even if they will be conversing online it won’t always be easy to keep track of their daily conversation.

At first the communication level will be so awesome-after a while that will start to change bit by a bit. When the communication drops between these two people so will be the bond of their relationship. We all know what happens when the bond decreases. The only way to save this relationship from such kind of state is to enhance the communication. Get in touch with him or her again. If he/she will be having questions to why you went silent for a while try to explain to him or her and make the air between you two cool.

Another case is where the communication takes the wrong path. We all know the situation when lovers keep on arguing on every detail they try to share. This may be due to misunderstanding and misinterpretation. I was once in such situation. It was so hard for me to talk with her for about one hour without bringing a fight in between.

I guess for a person who has been in relationship for a long time understands what I’m trying to say. We have a situation where every word that comes from him or her seems annoying. In this case this makes communication between the lovers so difficult. In most situations this causes relationship to break up.

This is how to save your relationship from such a situation. The first thing to do is to identify where the tension is coming from. In most circumstances such situations happens due to some mistakes that one of you did in the recent time. That mistake was left untouched. This can rise tension in the relationship and bring forth the misunderstanding hence the communication difficulties. So, if you will be able to identify the fault fix it-by doing so you will be saving your relationship from breaking.

5. Be a forgiving person.

If you want to prevent your relationship from breaking then you have to be a forgiving person. As I mentioned earlier in my first point (learn to apologize); this won’t be able to work out if none of you will be a forgiving person in that relationship.

When you fell in love with him/her you accepted her/him knowing she/he had flaws. If you accepted that fact then you know that mistakes to him/her will be a part of his/her life. So, have an open heart to forgive and forget the past. When someone asks for forgiveness it means he/she has identified his/her mistakes. If a person has the capability of knowing something wrong he/she did then this means that that individual will be ready to change to a better version of himself/herself.

Being a forgiving person doesn’t make you stupid. It enlightens you and gives you an understanding mind and the ability to solve any challenges in your relationship. This will always give you power to save your relationship from breaking. The art of forgiving is not for all; very few have this trait, if you have it then kudos to you….

To conclude, no matter how important your relationship might be-you should always learn to identify what’s right and wrong from it. Though, I have talked on the ways of saving relationship from breaking and I have given out some few ways on how to do so. This doesn’t mean that you should always save all the relationships that are at the verge of breaking. It doesn’t hurt to break/end toxic relationships. If a relationship is unhealthy for you there is no wrong on doing so. Love yourself buddy.

Do you any way on how to save a relationship from breaking up?

See you in my next post…

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Originally published at on October 30, 2020.



Hello, I'm Abduljabar from Mombasa, Kenya. I'm a passionate blogger and a friendly man. Here is my blogs (Her Beauty)

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Abduljabbar Ramadhan Ali

Hello, I'm Abduljabar from Mombasa, Kenya. I'm a passionate blogger and a friendly man. Here is my blogs (Her Beauty)