How to Dress Simple but Classic

Abduljabbar Ramadhan Ali
4 min readAug 18, 2020


It’s a weekend probably you want to look dashing. Since we are likely to spend most of the time indoors no need to over dress. We need to dress simple but classic so that we get the look we want to have.

I’m sure you might wondering what to wear today. I’m talking on both genders here. You might search your wardrobe for clothes that will make you look so damn hot. In most cases you may feel so confused on what to pick in your wardrobe. If you look at every clothe in it, you feel you don’t have anything amazing to put on.

I have been through there. I look at my suitcase and I find nothing interesting to put on, yet I have so many trousers, shorts, shirts and t-shirt. I pick, try and drop it back in the suitcase. I know this feeling. You can spend almost ten minutes trying to figure out which clothe suits you best. Don’t worry about that though. I’m going to get you covered.

I’m not a fashion man. I want to be clear on that. What always inspires me on what to put on is always a street fashion. I’m a person who is mostly interested in wearing street fashions. I’m not used to office wear. It is very rare to find me in an office outfit. Most of my friends tried to force me into it…. But nooop! I won’t be free if I’m dressed in such kind of attire.

So, I want to show how you can pick a simple dressing code that will make you look so freaking awesome. In my case, since it’s hot in Mombasa, Kenya, I will choose the kind of clothes that favours my climate conditions. If you want to look smart and amazing as a man or woman in a simple dressing code then the first thing you should do is to know how to pick your colours.

Colours are the first thing someone should always look on, if he or she wants to get that flashy look. If you know how to play with colours then you have got the amazing art of fashion. So let’s talk about this colour now. For instance, you have a white shirt or t-shirt and a blue jeans that means on the top you will have a white colour, it’s will be a better idea if you choose to put on white sneakers. So that you have white on top and white on bottom. This color pattern can be a make you look so good in just a simple dressing code.

It’s not a must you put on white sneakers if you don’t have one. Let’s say you have black Nike shoes or air max. You can make it work out if you get a black cap. This will look great on you too. You will have achieved the colour pattern. On your head you will have a black colour and on the bottom-You will have a black colour, from your shoes. In this way you have just dressed simple but classic.

If it’s in a cold season, here things get so better. You can put on a denim on the top of your t-shirt. The good thing about denim jacket is that it’s very attractive no matter the kind of shoes you pick to put on. If you have no denim jacket, you can just choose any jacket with a colour that you know you have the shoes of such kind of colour. So that you have the same colour on the top and bottom. Done! Here you are good to go.

The same applies to ladies too. Colour pattern matters in every dressing style. The second thing to consider after colour is to find clothes that fit you. Goes hand in hand with your body. If you are skinny like me. The you should find clothes that are suitable for your body. If you look someone who has dressed the same as you have, you both have the same body size and he or she has put on clothes that does not fit him or her you will look completely different. Everyone will look at you, the one you are in fitting clothes and say, “Wow you look great in those outfits.”

To conclude, for you to look classic you don’t have to be over dressed. You can dress simple and get a look that no one has ever had it. The only things you have to consider is your colour pattern and the clothes that fit you. If you are able to master those two aspects then you will have the best look on any outfit you choose to wear.

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