How Places, People, Time and Words Can Trigger Our Emotions.

Abduljabbar Ramadhan Ali
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Hello! Today I’m going to talk about how places, people, time and words can trigger our emotions. The emotions can either be positive or negative. Good or bad. We all have some places deep in our hearts which knows what can actually make us act crazily.

We may have somethings and we will never be able to talk about them so openly to anyone. Deep down we know these things exist. They do have the ability to transform us be the best who have never been or worst than anyone ever expected.

Personally, I have a great desire to over come my emotions when it comes to several things. When I go to certain places or meet certain people, I’m usually out of control. Not even one sense of my brain will give me any indication of what to do but follow the desires of my heart.

In some case I might say this can be good and bad too depending on the feelings and emotions one is experiencing. It can be the dangerous when you feel like taking away your life when you go to certain places. We both have places that can take us to the darkest side.

The good side can be when you meet certain people and you are motivated to be like them just because of how they are. This can be a better way to change the status of our lives.

Without wasting time let me take you through how places, people, time and words can trigger our emotions.

Places are the special venues that one will never get them out of their minds and heart. Mostly these places are accompanied by some memories. The memories can either be good memories and colorful ones or they can be the worst nightmares in ones life.

Lets say, you used to have your birthday party held at Florida in every month of April. This place has the best memories of your life. This is the place you used to enjoy every moment of your life in every year. It seemed to enlighten you and give you the reason to move forward.

This can be a place that can trigger your emotions so lightly. When you fail to visit this place once in your year you will feel something is not right in your life. Yo will feel like you missed something important to you. This can trigger different emotions that you have never thought of them.

It can be a reason for you to change your personality. This place holds your soul. Whenever you feel disappointed it can be the only place your heart will find its peace.

The place can be where something terrible happened in your life. This will trigger negative feelings when you pass this place. You will never be comfortable settling at such a place. You will always remember of the terrible things that happened to you. Now, you have known how such places can trigger your emotions.

For instance, When I go to the beach alone. Sitting on the sand. Watching the ocean triggers my emotions. It makes think of the perfect time I had with someone who does not exist now. I hold dearly to these feelings. They sometimes give a reason to stay strong that one day, things will work out.

The people we meet, we know, we make something with, can be a biggest trigger of our emotions. People hold a great source of emotional trigger. The people can also trigger your positive emotions or your negative emotions.

Let me give a good example using couples. The people you love have the great opportunity to ruin your life or make it amazing. It only depends on what you share with these people. It may even be meeting them. You may not share anything common with them, but seeing them makes you act nuts. It makes you reveal the other side of you.

People’s personality can make trigger your emotions. If you know that you used to love someone so badly, and it came a point he or she hurted your feelings. Whenever you meet this person it will always trigger the negative feelings. You will notice hatred surrounds you. You will even think of doing something you never intend to do.

This is because this person triggers your emotions, by reminding the worst moments of your life. This can disrupt your happiest moments, it can make you go deep in your pasts. You won’t live the life you wanted in that certain day. Just because you meet the person who once hurted you.

You might pretend not to care about his/her presence but deep down your heart will be burning up. We know ourselves better than anyone else do.

The people might trigger your emotions positively if you once had an amazing time with them. No matter on how bad state you were, seeing them actually changes every detail of your life. It brings your happiness and energy to stand before anything.

These people have this ability to change what you feel, it is because you once allowed them to do so. This can be as the reason of you trusting them, allow them to hold your heart. When our days go into nights we prefer them to be the people standing around us. You know why? It is because they have the ability to enlighten our lives as they did earlier.

Our lives can be so peaceful. If we are surrounded by the people we love being around them. This will create a joyous environment for everyone.

You can now agree with me how people can trigger your emotions.

Time is accompanied by memories, the memories were brought by the people we met or had at some point of our lives at a certain place. These points are all related. The interconnection between them is realistic.

The memories will always be there. The best time of your life. This can be the time you were surprised by someone you never expect. The best moment can also be the first day you went for your first date.

The things you did together with the one you love created a beautiful memory for you. No matter where the person is, but you are always bound together by the memories that exist. This can be a powerful element to trigger your emotions and feelings.

When it reaches a certain date, let me pick my birthday date (3-April). When you look at the calendar at any month and see the date “3-April” it will always remind you of the day you had an amazing time with the person you treasure.

If you used to spend time with your family during Christmas holidays. This will always remind in your mind that every Christmas holiday you have to be together with your family. The memory flashes you have of the Christmas tress, the balloons of different color around the sitting room, the noise of your young siblings and their giggles will always stay in your mind.

This will be the time that triggers your emotions and feel so uncomfortable whenever you are not close to your family. It is so hard to erase these memories we had. We can forget the people, we can dump them away and pretend they don’t exist but deep down in our hearts memories will always remain.

Energy drink bottle always reminded me of the good times I had with someone who does not exist now. I never liked to drink this kind of drink. When I had her, she would force me to drink until I liked it because of her. This bottle holds some of the good times I had with #her. It makes feel so different, if I was acting weird then, I would be myself because I term it as the wonderful memory of my life.

I don’t know if something great will happen again in my life to change it, but I don’t think if this memory can be eliminated in my mind. Let me live the life and see what will befall on me some coming years.

I once talked about how words can be a powerful element to trigger our emotions in the previous post. You can check the blue link. This time I want to talk about this point in another way.

The words we talk with the people around us can give us a positive impact or a negative impact. Words can create and can break. When someone feels devastated and you make him feel comfortable by beautiful words or motivation and encouragement. These words that you used to make him or her comfortable and have hope of making it will always stick in his or her mind.

These words will always trigger emotions of encouragement, hard work and determination.Whenever he/she hears out these words it can be the best thing to trigger his/her emotions. Sometimes we just want to hear the words from the people we trust so that we can be fine.

These words have the power to change who we are. If you used words to make someone inferior and hated themselves, when these people think of these words or hear them anywhere, it will trigger their emotions. It will make them hate you or hate themselves. Because it reminds them of how worst they are, or how bad they hate you.

We should be careful wind the words we talk to people around us. We might take words so lightly when we spit them to our friends but they can be the reason someone will hate you for the rest of his/her life. Think of the words you want to talk before you say them to anyone. Once the words are said, they can never be returned back.

You either say what is beneficial or keep quiet. Words are so powerful emotional triggers.

Do you know any other things that can trigger our emotions? Leave your comment below.

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