Embrace Change since we are Living in a Changing Universe.

Abduljabbar Ramadhan Ali
5 min readOct 30, 2020

Change is inevitable. We all know that time changes everything. There is nothing we can do about the changes we encounter rather than to embrace them. What is a change? A change is a relational difference between states; especially between states before and after some event. (1stDefinition from advanced oxford dictionary). We can also say, a change is an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another. (2ndDefinition from advanced oxford dictionary).

A change can be of two sides-negative and positive one. These changes that we confront can either be caused by our own deeds or nature. How can our acts bring forth these changes that we face in our lives?

We have to understand that every deed we choose to do is connected to the tomorrow’s change. If we prefer to do anything with our lives or do it to anyone we have to understand that we have a greater influence of what will come next…

The changes in one way or another they can’t be avoided. The good deeds and bad ones all have a course to alter in our lives. The universe is never constant, it always changes and these changes are part of our lives. Life would be so dull in this world if everything would remain the same in hundreds of years.

As for the natural things that causes changes in our universe-these are in always in place and no human has the ability to change their course. With such kind of changes we have no other alternative than to embrace them the way they come to us. We can’t control them or make them change their route. It’s a divine duty of the creator to alter that sequence.

The same way we have no control over the accidents that happen in our daily lives, is the same when we can’t change the natural things that cause the changes that we come across in our lives.

To make progress in this world we have to change. Sometimes changes are frustrating when we get used to the current state. The truth is that we will never accomplish anything in our lives if we won’t be able to accept the changes that happen in our lives or try to change our present situation. If you want to get something great in your live accept the changes that come in your life.

Learn to embrace them in any state that they do come to you. You will never grow if you won’t be able to change. To grow is to change. You will never be able to modify anything in your life until you start appreciating the changes that happens in the universe. The same things-if you want a change you have to alter yourself first. How will you transform yourself if you don’t want to embrace the changes of the universe changes?

“Be the change that you want to see in the world”_Mahatma Gandhi

We always want a better change in this world. What we fail to understand is that there is a big role we have to play for the changes we want to perceive. That is why Mahatma Gandhi started by saying, “Be the change”

You will never be the change if you can’t embrace the transformations you encounter in your life. You play a part in that. You might face changes that could affect your lifestyle forever. Some of the changes that we combat might alter our personalities completely. They can make us so different in ways that our closest relatives will never be able to understand.

What I’m trying to say here is that we have to know that the changes that we face in our live can be so exhilarating or boring. The question that comes here is how to handle changes that are negative. For the positive changes that we come across we will celebrate in them. We will find joy from them and at least our lives will be at a better end.

The negative changes-embracing them will be a hard thing for most of us. These changes that we face come with their own challenges and mysteries. Changes can be a puzzle sometimes to most of us. Learning or finding a way to make them fit in the way we desire sometimes it can be a hell of a problem. We all know it will be so hard to embrace changes that affect us.

Here is a way that can help you appreciate the negative changes that we come across in our lives. The first thing to do is to accept that the change that you have encountered is a challenge. Accept the challenge. Don’t be in denial and start thinking of the things you could have done in order to avoid the change. Thinking about all that won’t help you in any way to come up with the appropriate solution for your problem. Stop thinking of what you could have done to change it has already have already happened. That will be of no use.

The fact that the negative change it has already happened, nothing we can do about that. We have to find something positive from that negative change. In everything bad that happens to us, there is always something good in it. So, stop focusing so much on the negative part of the change and try to embrace the good side of the change. Every obstacle that we come across in our lives is always a stepping stone towards something bigger.

Manipulate the negative change to give you a positive outcome. If you will have the ability to find the good in the bad things then your life will be in a good shape. You will find happiness in it because our live is constantly connected to changes of event. So, if every variation that you encounter seems positive to you then you will be able to make most out of it.

There’s nothing good in this life than finding happiness in every change that happens to you. We are all afraid of the changes that might happen later. Folks are scared to accept the reality that nothing will ever be constant. The thought of people losing what they love and enjoy doing today haunts most of them. When you get too accustomed to something no matter how good or bad it is, evolving to a change that you have no idea of how it’s going to be is the worst feeling anyone will ever feel.

We have no control of most changes that happen in our lives. The only thing we can do-is to embrace them and find purpose in them. You have to be always ready to accept any kind of change that might happen to you. Remember, you will not always encounter positive changes in your life. Transformation is something that we will never evade. Embrace changes with a positive attitude and you will always find a better way to handle them. Smile at your life and it will smile back at you.

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