Can A Relationship Survive Without Communication?

Abduljabbar Ramadhan Ali
3 min readMar 26, 2021

Communication in a relationship is very important. This is because communication is one of the parts that keep on holding the relationship.

A relationship can’t survive without communication because communication is one of the factors that determine one’s commitment to a relationship. Apart from that, communication is the one thing that strengthens the bond of the relationship and keeps on the spark of love alive. Communication is necessary for a relationship to survive. If there is a lack of communication in a relationship then the couples will end up losing touch of the relationship and it will eventually fail. So, the survival of the relationship depends largely on communication after trust and love. Lack of communication can ruin a relationship this is because for the couple to make a strong connection and increase the feelings they have for each other they have to be constantly communicating with each other. Without communication, the couple will hardly understand each other’s needs and this will ruin the relationship. This is what lack of communication does to a relationship; partners become distant from one another, the romantic connection decreases, the relationship starts to be boring, commitment in the relationship starts to fail and eventually the relationship ends up failing.

These are the effects of lack of communication in a relationship;

As we all know that a relationship without commitment will never work out. Commitment is an important part of a relationship and is what keeps the relationship going.

All these effects when they come together then the relationship will eventually, fail.

When there is no communication in a relationship it will start falling apart as you will start to lose touch of the relationship and the feelings between the two of you will be fading and this will keep you more apart from each other. So, you better try to fix this issue.

The only thing in this section that I will be talking about is how to bring back the communication in a relationship.

This is how you can fix the lack of communication in your relationship ;

Him: Hello! Babe how are you doing? Her: I’m cool boo. Him: How was your day? Her: It was cool. Him: Ok.

Sometimes couples might ignore the communication in the relationship when they fail to make their relationship a priority.

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