The world around us has a lot of opportunities. We fail to see the opportunities in front of us and dream over horizon land for greater chances. It is true very true that sometimes we fail to find something worth before us, this is because our eyes are aimed too far forgetting our own land. The main reason this occurs is that people don’t find solutions to the problems they are facing; instead, they run away from them. Running away from your problems, doesn’t make it better anymore.

We may complain of the poor services we get from our country. We may also say that the government is not taking its responsibility. We may come up with all the complains. Let us not only complain about the problems in country but also find our own ways to deal with our problems. We may say the rate of unemployment have taken a lead in our country. It may be the truth. Ask yourself. Are you waiting to be employed so that you kick off your life?

Think outside the box sometimes. Don’t expect the sources of opportunity to be only at one end. Work your way forward. Don’t sit there hoping someone sent from heaven will come to you, to give you employment, something which most of the teenagers do after completing their colleges or universities. The world will only bring forth favors to the people who are ready to pay a price for.

When you are still young, at the age bracket between sixteen yearsto twenty six years it’sthe time you should focus to find what suites you, earlier enough. Leave behind the tales you heard from people succeeding from lucks. But when we take a lookwith people with these age brackets they are busy wasting time on the things that they will never benefit from. This are the same people are used by the politicians to start chaos. These are the same people who are used by politicians for their own benefits. They are the same people who are abusing drugs in the streets and stealing from people.

They have no idea that it is the time they should give it a try, to everything that they can be of benefit to them. They waste their energy on negative things, thinking that they will be forever teens. As others waste their energy on negative things, others waste their energy in their parents’ house. They wake up early in the morning, take shower, eat breakfast and sit the whole day in the house gaming, chatting, eating and sleeping.

They waste time without comprehending on tomorrow’s task. I earlier talked of living in your present life in my previous post that was about How To Live A Free-Stress Life. I never meant that you have to forget the entire things you have to do to make your life better. You have to enjoy your present, embrace it and utilize it to your fullest, but you have to keep balance between the two. Once you know how to balance your life you will be far way better to make it right. You cannot eat today’s meal and forget about tomorrow too.

Whenever I go, the people I interact with, the things I do, I always have a reason to explore and get more knowledge from them on their view about this life. This post came as an Idea of Chris Cubby the Director of Intoku Africa at the meeting we had with all the Hatua Sponsored students together with the alumni.Through him I have been able to know that nothing comes easy, and for one to make it in life he/she must be ready to sweat.

So, here it is. Try to find the things you are passionate about. Work them out. Don’t be afraid to try different things because this will give you the ability to find in which things you are great in. If you are really passionate about something, then you shouldn’t be afraid to work your way out for it. Somethings may seem tough to you, but you have to know giving up is never a solution and neither is quitting. Persistent can drive you through all hardships.

You have to know that during your trial in these different things you are doing for you to evaluate one that you will stick to it, you will fail several times. You may start a business hoping to make much profit from it, but it ends up with a lot of loses. You may think you are good in dancing, you sacrifice your whole month training on how to dance, but when you go to the stage, they all boo at you. You may think you are a good public speaker, when you appear before people to deliver a speech they all look down upon you.

All this are obstacles that can come on your way. You have to use these obstacles to make a step forward. Use this people who look down upon you to create a better version of yourself, use this people who are booing at you to make out a better dancer. You should be strong are ready to face the world if you want to make your life better. This world needs perseverance, needs a steel heart, if you never had one, try and make yours today.

Make one because failure will always be there, having a steel heart can be of a good help to you. Most of the successful people who made it in life, suggest that the appropriate time for a man to make up his life is the age of early twenties. When you fail to make out in the early twenties then wait again until your forties. I have a different feeling though, I do feel it can be true to some extent and I also feel it can be wrong too.

The reason why I feel it can be true is this; during the age of twenties one has energy and time he can do different things in a good rate without being tired so quickly. Another reason why I’m saying it might be wrong is that everyone has their own timeline of success.

To finalize I would like to point out that we are all human, so we are fond of forgetting. You may be a determined person, but the people you associate with made you forget your quest in this life. It is the time to wake up and look where you went wrong and correctify. Tomorrow’s journey is planned today, if you won’t prepare yourself now, when are you planning to commence?

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