7 Creative ideas for Date that will Amaze your Partner

Abduljabbar Ramadhan Ali
9 min readDec 25, 2020

These are the coolest creative dating ideas you will ever come across. Surprise your partner with them. Make your time with her or him worth it.

Anyway, as you all understand that for you to spend your time effectively with your bae you have to come up with activities. These activities will help you to kick away boredom and have quality time with your lover. It will be very boring if you are with your partner and you have nothing creative you can think of. You have to kick away boring schedule if you want to enjoy yourself with him or her.

Take away all the normal things that you have been doing for a while. You have to come up with new activities that your bae never came across before. We all know repetition brings monotony no matter how amazing the activities may seem to be.

So, let me stretch further and bring forth the creative dating ideas that will make your time colorful with her or him, especially this holiday moment. You have to make everything interesting for your partner you never know when you will meet again.

Implement them and thank me later.

1. Go for a picnic.

You should go for a picnic with your partner, especially if you have been busy and you never had enough time for each other. You can plan with him or her and decide which place will be good for both of you. Take your time to take him/her to a place that is cool and calm. If you really want to enjoy your time together then you should choose to go for your picnic in places that are free from distractions.

The creativity of this idea comes in on the place you are going to choose. A picnic can be boring at the same time it can be amazing. It depends on the places you will choose to take your partner. Let me give you a bonus point that you will never find anywhere else.

The place that you will choose to take your partner should contain things that your lover is comfortable seeing them. Things that make her or him feel excited. This is the first thing you should check on the places you want to take your partner. If you do the opposite of that you will turn your partner down. We all know how that can ruin your date.

It’s a date. So, make it interesting. If you are creative enough you can choose to take your partner to strange places that she/he has never been. The place for the picnic should be strange but astonishing. Here is a list of these amazing places you can take her or him. It’s a creative idea that you will never deny.

You can go further and ask your lover which place he or she would like to go for the picnic. Something else you should know, don’t make the picnic boring. Come up with things that you can all enjoy doing during the picnic.

If it’s me going for such a picnic with my bae I will make sure my backpack is filled with snacks. I will also never miss earphones in my bag. It’s romantic and so cool walking with your boo while listening to your favorite songs. Holding hands as you enjoy the view before you. I don’t know what you enjoy doing with your partner. I’m just trying to give you an idea of how you should make your picnic go.

2. Camp together.

This is another creative dating idea that once you implement, you will have a perfect memory of it. I have always been wishing to go camping with my lover. It was impossible for me. Back then I was in high school. We all know how high school needs commitment.

This is something that I’m planning to do. It’s an amazing idea for sure. Don’t think too much. The only thing you have to do is to choose the perfect place for your camp. The camp should be far away from where you stay. It will be awkward when you make a camp just behind your house. We won’t even call that camping. So, this is where creativity comes in.

There are several places when you can go camping. Some people will prefer to go camping in a forest which is kinda cool, but you should make sure that the forests are safe. You can camp nearby a lake, near knolls (hills), near a coastal shore. All in all, you should choose a place that you know is safe, comfortable and far from where you stay.

You will find camping amazing if both of you like an adventure. Let me share with you an insight into where I stay. In Mombasa, Kenya there are so many cool places you can go camping. If you one day choose to come to Mombasa for your vacation, then you should go camping in the following places;

1. Mombasa Marine Park

2. Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

3. Mamba Village Center

5. Bamburi Beach

6. Kivuko Echo Camp

7. Pridelnn Flamingo Beach Resort And Spa

8. Soarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa

3. Go for a photo-shoot together.

Photo shooting is way better with your bae. It’s a creative idea for a date. The picture helps to capture and save the memories you have with someone. Making it clear and magnificent doesn’t harm that. If you have your own camera it can be a good starting point for you.

It doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a camera you can’t plan one out. You can go to any studio that offers amazing services and capture your memories with your partner. I’m sure you can’t miss photographers where you are. All this is just a point of making out with your lover.

That is what date all is all about. You have a smartphone, don’t you? You can use your smartphone to take selfies with your partner. The best way to enjoy this idea is for you to move from one place to another. I’m so much into the pictures-in front of the mirror.

I can take a photo anywhere provided there is a mirror in front of me. It can be so much fun if you’re your bae is not photophobic. To make it more fun take photos while you keep on checking them. Take weird photos together and use them to make memes. That will be a hell of a day with your partner.

Whenever you see the photos what will come to your mind is the perfect time you had with your lover. It can also be fun if you take pictures in your room as you relax. Give this date idea a shot; I’m sure you won’t get disappointed.

4. Go for a swimming competition with your lover.

This is another creative dating idea that you should try. If you are into swimming this will be the right thing for you to spend your time with your lover. Don’t worry if your partner doesn’t know how to swim. You can take it slow. You start by teaching him or her to swim.

Though, I’m sure there is no man who doesn’t know how to swim. If you aren’t close to the ocean you definitely have lacks and swimming pools. If you don’t know how to swim you should start to teach yourself. You can attend swimming classes. Do all that you can to make sure that this creative dating idea has come to pass.

Anyway, it doesn’t have to be a competition. You can just relax in the water with your partner. Swim together while you splash water on each other. Play games in the water. You can go to an extent of romancing in water. It’s so awesome, especially the touches in water. They will melt your girlfriend or boyfriend. I assure you. It’s a creative idea that you should keep on your mind.

5. Morning walk at the seashore.

Have you ever thought of this? Those who are planning for the morning walk at the seashore make sure you go to bed early. If you go late to be you will miss the coolest part of this creative dating idea. The awesome part of it is to get the sunrise while you are both walking along the seashore.

The beautiful view that the sunrises bring-a clear reflection of the sky in the water and birds moving from one point to another searching for food. Those who are close to the coastal areas should give this a shot. It’s good, with that sunrise and the walk you might feel to fully open up to your partner whatever you are hiding deep within you.

This can create an amazing memory. You don’t have to leave so soon. You can stick and take in all the sunrise’s energy. This is an idea that has been in my mind for a while. I remember when I was in high school I had the ability to do that. The good thing is that my parents and I used to live close to the beach.

It was so unfortunate for me because my girlfriend used to live so far from where I used to stay. I never got a chance to use this creative dating idea. After high school, I thought things will be great. Something else popped up. I got a job in a library-I was a librarian for the whole gap year. I’m hopeful; I know things will work out soon.

If you have time with your lover don’t fail to try this out. Don’t let her leave and start to blame yourself for the things that you never did for her. It won’t help you.

6. Try a new cooking recipe together.

Have you ever thought of this dating idea? It’s so awesome. Search for a meal that you have never prepared with your lover and try to prepare it. This is a creative way of spending your time with your lover. I’m sure you will enjoy this. Don’t be too stiff.

You also don’t have to have the stereotype that girls are always supposed to be in the kitchen. Men too can be great chefs. I know in the biggest restaurants and resorts almost every chef is a man. Surprise your boo one day and prepare for the food that she has never tasted. I remember I used to prepare meals with my girlfriend it was so fun. Though sometimes I used to mess up-by adding much salt to the food it was worth it.

I got to see the kind of a girl she was when she was in the kitchen with me. She was so responsible. The way she handled everything in the kitchen was so organized. She is definitely wife material.

To make it even more amazing look for a meal that you have never heard of. You can get that from YouTube food bloggers. There are many food bloggers. Spend your time to find the ingredients and all other necessary things needed for that activity. Make sure everything you want is available on your kitchen table so as to avoid the irrelevant movement you start preparing the meal.

Cook the meal together. I can’t assure you that you will come up with an astonishing meal, but it will be worth your time together with your partner. If you come up with an amazing meal enjoy it with him or her.

7. Play video games together.

I found this so amazing. For those who own play station in their apartment. Play a game with your partner. It’s a creative idea for a date with your lover. It’s not a must you romance every time you meet. Do things differently at least. Explore the happiest moments you get in your relationships. Make everything be close to perfect. Happiness in a relationship is brought by these tiny things you may be ignoring.

Choose an amazing game to play with your bae. You can choose to play FIFA, GTA, racing games, teken, mortal combat, candy crush and so many other games I can’t mention here. Don’t choose a too complex game. Find a simple one that will make both of you enjoy it. The main aim of this dating idea is to make you more close to your partner. It brings joy. Sometimes what couples need is indoor confinement.

Play games together while cracking jokes. You can have an amazing time together if you decide to keep away all the things that bother both of you. The date will never be amazing if you will stick to your issues, which happened in the past. Move forward and keep on adding flavor to your relationship. By now I think you know that date is all about bringing your partner’s happiness on the line.

All these creative dating ideas I have outlined here have a positive influence on your bond with your partner. I know there are so many creative ideas of dating that you can imply. Some may seem to be silly but you have to understand that that is what connects you with your partner. If you had an issue with her or him I’m sure she or he will let go. Go any question about these creative dating ideas? Leave your comment below I’ll reply as soon as possible.

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