5 Ways to Gain Someone’s Trust

Abduljabbar Ramadhan Ali
6 min readAug 18, 2020

Nothing in life is more significant than people to have their trust in you. Trust is the basic foundation of every relationship. In this post I’m going to outline 5 ways to gain someone’s trust.

Every relationship we make outside there requires trust. Trust is the key to all relationships. If people have trust in you it is very easy for you to create a good and strong relationship with them. People will be open and free to share any kind of problems they are facing.

We face problems everyday. Some of the challenges that we face in our daily lives it isn’t that easy to share with anyone. People are willing to share their feelings, opinions and secrets to people they can trust. In my opinion, trust revolves around everything. If you have an upper hand in trust then it is obvious that you will be able to get along with anyone.

The opposite of that, no one will ever come to with any kind of assistance he or she may need. Especially, if you are a peer counselor folks have to trust you. They have to trust your words, actions and promises. In this article I’m going to give a way forward on how to gain this trust which seems to have so much benefit to talk about in this one post.

These are the 5 ways to gain someone’s trust.

If you want to gain someone’s trust you have to be honest. Be honest in everything you do and say. This is the first thing most of the people will look at when they want to confirm whether you can be trusted or not. Being a honest person is not a hard thing. You can be one, but you have to make sure you are ready for any consequences.

Sometimes what we might say or do to people in order for them to trust us may be a good thing to our perspective but a very bad thing in someone’s else view. I want tell you that your honesty might hurt some of your closest people. It’s a hard way for a person to live in but it is also an easy way for person to choose because it frees your conscious mind.

If someone sees that you are honest in everything you do or say then it will be very easy for him or her to give you his or her trust. No one will ever want to trust a dishonest person. This is the first thing to check within yourself if you want to win someone’s trust. This trait is always for few people, but with time if you want to have it you will earn it.

2. Trust The Person You Want to Gain Trust From.

This may seem awkward. Just hear me out on what I have to tell you according to this subtitle.

How can you gain someone’s trust if you yourself don’t trust the person you want to gain your trust from? You see, it’s kinda tricky. In the current world people go with the style of give me and I’ll give it to you. So for you to have my trust, you have to trust me first.

The people we are always trying to get their trust are mostly aware of every move we make. They know exactly what you want from them, but they will not say anything to you. Some will give you a test. Some will do anything to see how you will react towards them.

The point on, ‘some will give you a test’ is where comes in the issue of giving your trust to them. A person might ask you to do something for them. Their main intention is to look whether you are capable of doing it. In most cases it might be a petty issue. This person is trying to get know whether you trust him or her. Once the person finds out that you really do trust him or her it is when he or she will give his or her trust to you.

In other words. Trust them in anything they ask you to do. If it is dangerous, then don’t do it. It won’t be worthy for you to risk your life in the reason of gaining someone’s trust. I can’t trust you buddy if you don’t trust me. For it to work we both have to contribute in its creation.

Yeah, here I come. If you want to acquire someone’s trust you have to be a very close person to him or her. It will be very easy for someone to trust you when you are always available to him or her. The closeness I talk about is the the kind of relationships you make with her or him. This is another key thing to consider if you really want someone to trust you.

Be the the person who is always available to him or her. Be there when he or she needs you or not. Your presence matters a lot to someone. It doesn’t have to be your presence with expensive gifts or celebrations. Just avail yourself to the person you want to gain the trust from. It is very easy to trust someone who is always on your shoulders than a total stranger.

Would you trust a stranger over your own brother?

Being only close to him or her won’t make you win her or his trust. You have to be helpful too. Help that person in anything you can. Helping someone is a sign of a good personality and responsibility. Everyone wants to be surrounded by people who can help them in anything they need. People want responsible folks. These are the first people we can trust them with our issues.

Be a responsible person toward the guy you want to gain trust from. It might take a while though. Not every people we help are able to trust you in just a few days. People have faced so much heart breaks. They have been betrayed so much with the people they tended to trust. Someone may think you are just pretending to be helpful but in real sense you are after something else.

You have to show them that you aren’t pretending to be a good person. How can you convey to them that you aren’t pretending to be a helpful person? The answer is, you have to be consistent on anything helpful you are doing. If you aren’t consistent obviously someone will assume that you are just pretending.

5. Prove That You Are Worthy to Trusted.

Everyone can do the above things I have outlined. They can do it to their maximum. You have to know that for someone to trust you he or she has to know that you are worthy to be trusted. Some people aren’t worthy to be trusted anymore. You can give them your trust and they will break it in an hour.

No one wants to give a trust to such kind of a person. If someone tells you something that you know is so private to him or her, then keep it as a secret. Don’t expose it to anyone no matter what the cost. This can be a good way to prove that you are worthy to be trusted.

Do things that will make you valuable and honored. Always keep your promises to the person you want to gain his or her trust. Don’t be don’t break promises for no reason. This is an amazing sign that you are worthy to be trusted. Prove to him or her. Make it visible to him or her and you will eventually gain his or her trust.

To conclude, no matter how hard you may try to win someone’s trust not everyone will end up trusting you. People are different. Their differences may be due to the experiences they passed through. In some cases, certain incidents that happen to people make it so difficult for anyone to trust a person. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Creating trust between you and someone else might take a while. Don’t lose hope in the process. Trust is the best thing to find in everyone’s heart

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