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Abduljabbar Ramadhan Ali
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When a girl blocks you it doesn’t mean you should give up on her. I will share with you the reasons why a girl might block you and things to do when she does that.

Have you ever been blocked before? If you have once been blocked by a girl you love then by now you probably know how it feels.

You can think of so much about this issue. You might think that she doesn’t love you and she has found someone else.

I’m sure you might jump to conclusions that she no longer wants anything to do with you. Though, that might be one of the reasons why she blocked you.

So, before I start sharing with you the things to when she has blocked you, let me outline some of the reason why she might have decided to block you.

Some of these reasons will guide you to a better solution for handling this problem in your relationship. Note that I’m talking about a girl with who you are in a relationship with.

That is where I will be focusing so much.

What does it mean when a girl blocks you?

Are you wondering what it means when a girl blocks you? Then this might be the meaning.

When a girl blocks you it means she totally mad at you, she is faded up. When she finally decides to block you just know that there is so much going on in her head. No girl will block you just because she is happy doing it.

All in all when a girl you the first thing you should think of is where you went wrong and try your best to make it right.

Stick with me until the end.

Here are the reasons why she might have blocked;

This is something that some girls would do if they want your attention. So, let me start elaborating on this reason why she might decide to do that.

When she realizes that you spend much time away from her and you only use social media as a means of communication, then she might be tempted to bring you closer.

A girl who knows that you love her so much will obviously know that once she has blocked you, you would want to know why she did that.

The only way for you to do that will be if you manage to see her and discuss the issue. If you will not manage to meet her then it will be the last point where you will have any conversation with her.

When a man spends so much time away without being there for his girlfriend then this means the attention that a lady might want might never be obtained.

We have those men who use social media as a way to stay away from their partners. When a man knows that he is in touch with her girlfriend that is what might make him feel comfortable.

As long as communication is there he will have no focus on meeting her. Most girls know this. So, when she wants more attention from you she will probably block you.

She wants attention not just simple texts and calls from you.

You don’t have that close connection, so she wouldn’t go such miles maybe only if she has feelings for you.

2. She will block you when she angry with you.

When you have annoyed her and maybe you never bothered solving the problem you had with her. She will eventually block you when you keep on texting her.

When she is mad and you are the main reason why she is. Don’t think she will still be talking to you. A girl knows that when you have annoyed her you will probably be sending a bunch of texts to her.

When she gets angry I don’t think she will be willing to talk to you. That is why she might end up blocking you. I’m pretty sure if you were in her shoes you would perhaps do the same.

It’s usually very hard to talk with someone who has upset you. You will have to find ways of fixing the mess you made.

This is another reason why a girl might decide to block you.

This is something that is obvious. You will always cut off the people who you feel you don’t want in your life. When you are faded up with someone it means you are completely done with him or her.

If you don’t want someone popping back in your life then blocking him or her will be the first thing one will think of doing.

There are so many things that might make a girl get tired of you. I will just share a few examples that might help you to understand what might make excitement in a relationship fade away.

She will get faded with you if you don’t handle her the way she wants to be handled, you keep mistreating her, she found someone else, and you keep boring her or her spark for you is completely gone.

So, when a girl lacks interest in you completely she might decide to block you. This is another reason why a girl might decide to block you.

This is something that some girls will do if you are over-controlling. It’s not healthy to over-control your girlfriend. In fact, a relationship with this trait won’t be regarded as a healthy relationship.

You should not control your girlfriend that much. If she loves you and you love her she will probably do the right thing. Let her play her part and play your part.

There are some things that not every girl would like her man to see on online platforms. So, when she wants to post something that she knows that you will immediately react negatively to it-she will eventually block you.

She will block you so that at least she gets to be free and so whatever she wants without you controlling a thing she does online.

I have seen people controlling their lovers. Some of my female friends also who came to me for some relationship advice told me that they had to end their relationship.

They ended it because their partners were over-controlling. Everything that they decided to do would be in the hands of their partners. They lastly noticed that this was preventing the things they wanted to achieve.

When a relationship reaches such a point then it means it has turned from a healthy to an unhealthy relationship. This isn’t a good thing at all in any relationship.

So, when you keep it so tight for her in a relationship she will eventually block you. This is another reason why girls end up blocking their lovers.

She will block you when you keep on posting things that annoy her. When a girl is smart and brilliant she will always prefer also her man to be on that stage.

He may not be completely on her stage but to be in a way that portrays him decently before her. To be honest, girls love smart boys. A boy who understand what their girlfriends need.

If you post something on your social media that she is always against then she will have no choice but to block you. The truth is that she will never resist watching the videos or pictures you may decide to post on your social media.

Instead of her getting annoyed by the things her man may choose to post then she will block him.

This is another reason she might decide to block you. You have to be smart enough not to do things that she finds annoying. Choose wisely on the things you choose to post on your social media.

We have those girls who are extremely jealous. They will never let their men post other girls. These are girls that will not allow even a man to post his female friend. Sometimes boys get defensive on this and they end up doing it anyway.

So, for this lady to avoid conflicts she will block her partner. I hope you have now understood why she might have blocked you.

This is when a girl is so secretive and she has very bad things that she knows can ruin her relationship. When a girl wants to hide the things she does online she will decide to block you.

She knows that blocking you will completely prevent you from finding out what she does online. In most cases, when a lady reaches this point she might be cheating or keeping so huge secretive from you.

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The only way to prevent a person from finding out what you do online is by blocking him or her. So, don’t be surprised if she chooses to block you. This might be another reason why she might block you.

When she reaches such a point then you have totally lost her. This is because people who love each other will never keep secrets from one another. You should find a way of saving your relationship before it’s late to save it.

It can also be that she doesn’t trust you the way she used to. This is especially if you had issues that brought about conflicts.

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When she blocks you for this reason to find out where you went wrong.

What should I do if she blocked me?

As you have already known the reason why she might have blocked you, it’s now time to learn what you can do about that.

These are the things you should do if she has blocked;

There is no need to be over-reactive. You are not the first man on earth to be blocked by your girlfriend. I can tell you that the number of times I got blocked with my ex it’s way too many.

I got blocked to an extent I got used to it. Whenever she blocked me I knew there was something I had to do. It was now like a sign that I failed to do something for her.

She would block me in the afternoon but the next day she will reach out to me.

So you have to be calm when she has blocked you. Don’t over-react and start thinking too much of the worst things. That will not help you but make you feel that your relationship is stressful.

If you start overthinking you might end up doing something that you might blame yourself for the rest of your life. This is not a good way to go. Trust me; living with regrets is something you will never like.

This will help you to be cool and follow the appropriate procedures to solve the issues that you have with your partner. This is the first thing you should do before anything else.

Now that you are relaxed and free from all tensions, you will have to find the the reason why she blocked you.

For a person to solve a problem the first thing he or she should do is to find the cause. If you will be able to find the reason why she blocked you then you can solve that misunderstanding,

How can you find out the reason why she blocked you yet she isn’t talking to you? I know this might be the question you may want to ask me.

You can find the reason why she has blocked you by looking back on the past few days or weeks. The funny thing about girls is that you can mess with them and annoy them but they might decide to ignore you.

They usually just want to see how you will react to the mess you just did to them. The good thing is that they will give you sufficient time to come clean. If you will play it cool then that is the point where they will start to act on you.

So, think clearly on the past few days about what you did to make her block you. As I earlier stated that a girl can’t just block you without any solid reason. There is always a reason for anything a girl might decide to do in a relationship.

If you did something to annoy her then you should find a way to handle her. Lucky for you I have an article on how to handle an angry girl.

When you find the reason why she blocked you then it’s time to follow the next step.

When you have known the reason why she has blocked you, then you should find a way to talk to her. Do everything you can to make sure you talk with her.

If you have been so far then you will have no option but to find another way to talk to her. You aren’t supposed to ignore her in such a situation. When you choose to ignore her just because she has blocked you then you might end up breaking that relationship.

You have to figure out a way that you will meet her and explain to her everything on the things that you did. This might ease the tension that is between the two of you.

If you want to make this work out perfectly you should be smart. You can’t just meet her and start spitting irrelevant words. You might even make her not talk to you anymore.

The main reason why you should find a way to talk to her is to solve these issues. You will never be able to make your records straight with her if you will not solve the issues you have.

If you have managed to talk to her then this is the next thing you should make her happy. She did block you because she was unhappy with what you may have done.

So, it’s your time to make it up to her so that she can forget what happened. Learn to follow up bad deeds with good ones. The good thing will close the door of negativity within her.

Do things that will show her that you are really sorry for what happened between the two of you. Show her that you still care about her and you would do anything to make things work out.

You should be focusing on driving happiness and excitement in that relationship. Things that make your partner happy are the only things that might make her ditch the issues she has on you.

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You can decide to take her for an amazing date and try to impress her. Show her the beauty of what you have. She will later understand that she did a bad thing blocking you.

5. Be patient.

You might work hard to solve the problem you have between the two of you. I can’t promise you that all will be well in one day.

You will have to be patient to wait for her to make her decisions. This might take time if the misunderstanding that you had was quite big.

Don’t force anything to happen quickly in a relationship. Let everything flow in its own lane. It’s all about building a relationship that everyone will be comfortable to be in.

Furthermore, she may have blocked you to give herself time to work out the issues you might be having in your relationship.

You have to chill and wait for her to tell you what she wants. In this way, I’m positive that everything will work efficiently.

If she blocks you, does it mean she loves you?

There might be three situations here. The first thing is that she is mad at you that is why she blocked you and the second thing is that she is trying to get your attention and the third thing is that she is trying to move on.

So, it depends on what happened between the two of you until she went to an extent of blocking you.

If she blocked you just out of no solid reason; you never had any argument then she is trying to get your attention, and this means she loves you and care about you. But if she blocked you because she was angry then it’s not about love. Resolve your differences

To sum it up, there is always a reason when a girl blocks you. So, find the reason why she did so and make her feel guilty about doing that.

With that, you will be able to make her unblock you and apologize for the things she did. If you are the one who messed up then keep your pride down and apologize and let the love vibe flow in your relationship.

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